MJ-1832 Solar Motion Sensor FloodLight (450Lm-2600Lm)

Advantages : 
1. 200% Brighteness , much more bright compared with our competitors’ solar led street light with bigger wattages .
2. 22% Efficiency Rate with Mono PERC Solar Panel , makes its working time 1.5 times longer than normal standard floodlights in the market . 
3. Using Epistar 32-34lm 2835LED, which is the highest luminous efficiency currently .
4. Luminous flux could be 450lm to 2600lm based on different configuration .
5. Radar motion sensor , more sensable .
6. Light control mode & RF Motion sensor mode for options ,can be used widely , suitable for different working enviroment needs.
7. Competitive price based on different product configuration . 


Model AModel BModel CModel D
PERC Solar Panel7.5W10W15W20W
Conversation Rate22%22%22%22%
Battery voltage3.2V3.2V3.2V6.4V
Battery mAh45009000135009000
Operating Voltage3.2V3.2V3.2V6.4V
Working current1.0A1.45A1.9A1.45A
Max voltage3.65V3.65V3.65V7.3V
Max current1.2A1.65A2.1 A1.65A
LED QTY PCS4080120160
Luminous flux Im450lm675lm900lm13501m
Sensor ModelModel A&RFModel B&RFModel C&RFModel D&RF
Working current2.0A2.9A3.8A2.9A
Luminous flux Im900lm13501m18001m2600lm

***LED:150-170lm/W CRI 80%*** ***

LED:SMD2835 32-34lm 1W 6000K***

Remote User Manuel

ON OFF Switch
-+Brightness Adjust
AUTOAuto Mode
3H-8H Timing
o50% Brightness
Optional: Induction mode 200%
RF1Dim lighting+induction
RF2Induction Mode

Remote Function :

  1. 0N OFF: switch
  2. AUTO:automatic light control mode

Turn on the light into AUTO mode, the light will automatically turn on till dark, [100% brightness till powered off or till dawn

  1. +   :Brightness Adjustment

Switch -+to adjust brightness

4.   3H 5H 8H: Timing Mode

Lights on at dusk,  after 3 hours or 5 or 8 hours will be auto off .

5.  50% brightness mode

Optional :induction mode Brightness +200%

RF1: 200% Brightness When induction,5% brightness when no induction .

RF2:200% Brightness When induction,no light when no induction .


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