Solar Motion Sensor Lights
Light up 5,000,000+ people's way home.
Solar LED Bollard Lights
Water proof, Enduring Battary, Energy Saving
Energy saving

Environmental protection

Factory direct

No additional cost

Custom design

Make your own brand

Solar Wall Lights

Simply install your Solar Wall Light in a location that gets good sunlight and enjoy years of mains-free solar lighting.

Solar Floodlights

Miljoe LED Solar Floodlights are used to provide dramatic, bright, powerful illumination covering a relatively large area. They are usually, but not exclusively used in commercial settings, and they are perfect for lighting car parks, industrial areas and sports arenas. Miljoe's range offers a variety of technologies, styles and features to suit whatever requirements you may have.

Solar Landscape & Garden Lighting

Miljoe Solar Bollard Lights are ideal for providing effective outdoor post lighting where there is no suitable place for a wall light. Larger fittings are perfect for creating dramatic entrances or lighting an area where a smaller fitting would be obscured by tall plants or buildings. Our smaller post and garden spike lights provide more discreet lighting for unobtrusive ambient light.

Need help in choosing the right LED lights?

In addition to the manufacturing of top-quality products and control systems, we get involved from the very beginning of the retrofit process. Performing preliminary energy audits for a strategic approach, developing professional lighting plans that respect and enhance the design concept, and delivering 3D analysis to show the real visual impact it will have on all significant surfaces. 

Are you finding the perfect Tent Lights & Party Tent Lighting for your outdoor occasions and events tent ?

For years Miljoe Lighting has been building custom led pop-up canopy lighting kits for businesses and events for many years . That experience has led us to design an affordable, self-contained, off-the-shelf system that sets up in minutes, produces exceptional lighting and packs small enough to take with you anywhere.